Hi, I am Chandramuki, and Welcome to my channel!

Chandramukhi Puttani Parade

Growing up in the evergreen city of Bangalore, my college years have been some of the most memorable and formative years of my life, aren’t they for all of us? Our 20’s are the years we spend getting to know ourselves, making memories, falling in love, grieving losses and gearing up for the rest of our lives. While some might call me bold, I have always found joy in seeking out new adventures in travel and interaction with new people and experiences and wanted that to translate into this channel.


On Chandramuki’s Putani Parade we are turning back time with some of our favorite guests from in and around the city, to understand their younger selves that gave birth to the powerhouse they are today. My channel will feature a range of personalities from actors, to activists, to politicians, sportsperson, mentors, dancers, musicians and more.


This channel was inspired by my travels around India, the amazing memories I’ve made and the stories that will stay with me forever, I have always gravitated towards nostalgia and hearing about peoples childhoods, and believe that reminiscing on the past times from the past can be very therapeutic for the soul 

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